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Zakaah is one of the five pillars of Islam that has been mentioned, along with daily Salaah (Prayers) over seventy times in the Noble Qur’an. Just as Salaah is the most important act of worship which has to be performed bodily, so is Zakaah the main act of worship which has to be performed monetarily. Those who fulfill this duty have been promised abundant reward in this world and hereafter.


The distribution of Zakaah also holds high priority in Islam as there are strict conditions attached to its distribution. The Jamiatul Ulama South Africa has formulated policies and procedures to ensure that these funds are distributed correctly. Applications are filed with the required supporting documents to the Welfare Committee and a decision is made accordingly. It is the policy of the Jamiatul Ulama South Africa to distribute all Zakaah funds collected within that year.


Various avenues have been identified for the distribution of these funds. These are in the form of food parcels, rent, lights & water relief, medical fees, cash grants, etc. We also have a fund reserved for widows and divorcees who are facing financial difficulty.


  • Monthly Assistance

The changes in the economic sector have resulted in a tremendous increase in the rate of unemployment. A formal procedure is in place in terms of application, assessment, reviewing of cases and distribution of funds. Presently, 500 families are being assisted on a monthly basis in the form of food, rental, electricity and medical expenses.


  • Bursaries

Bursaries are awarded annually to deserving students to pursue studies at tertiary institutions. Furthermore, approximately two hundred destitute students are being sponsored to pursue basic lslamic Education at madaaris. Specialities such as education, science and agriculture among others have had preferential consideration in order to develop human resources as well as skills which the community needs.


  • Relief: Local & International

The Muslim community has always responded positively to the needs of local relief efforts and as well as to the cries of calamity and grief-stricken communities internationally. Our offices, as and when needed, co-ordinate relief efforts in order to assist Muslim brethren.


  • Burial

The Jamiatul Ulama South Africa (Lenasia Branch) operates a centre which houses a ghusl facility for the deceased. The centre is open everyday and manned for 24 hours. All related services (such as legal documentation; mortuaries and kafan) are provided.  The physical address of the burial centre is 33 Cuckoo Avenue, Ext. 1, Lenasia, Telephone: (011) 854 6160.

Get in touch with the Welfare department  of the Jamiatul Ulama South Africa for any further assistance:

Email Welfare Department