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Darul Ifta

The Darul Ifta of the Jamiatul Ulama South Africa is vested in a panel in-house Muftis together a Shura panel of external Muftis. Each Mufti has been assigned a specific area of specialisation and deals with queries relating to that particular field. The broad categories of social, economics, inheritance and general, form the basis of the distribution of the queries they attend to.


At the Head Office in Fordsburg, Muftis are on hand to respond to telephonic queries. In addition to this, a considerable amount of queries are received by post and email. These numbers are more than doubled during the month of Ramadan. 


A substantial number of meetings and consultations are also held with people who visit our offices and require guidance on various Islamic matters.


Throughout the year, personnel of the Darul Ifta also participate in and conduct public programmes and workshops on a range of issues like Zakaah, Hajj, Inheritance, Marriage, Business, Economics, etc.


A Faskh Tribunal (Marriage Annulment Tribunal) has been formed under the auspices of the Darul Ifta. This tribunal provides relief to women who rights are unjustly violated. If certain criteria are met then this tribunal makes the necessary intervention.


The Darul Ifta also provides a service to the Ummah by offering advice and guidelines on drawing up an Islamic Will. The Master of Court recognises the Islamic ruling in matters of inheritance.

Get in touch with the Darul Ifta of the Jamiatul Ulama South Africa for any further assistance:

Email Darul Ifta

Get in touch with the Darul Iftaa of the Jamiatul Ulama South Africa for any further assistance: