Rabi al Thaani 1445

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HijriDateRand-Dollar24 Carat22 Carat21 Carat18 Carat14 Carat9 CaratSilverNisaabMin MahrMahr FaatimiKrugerrand
2510 NovR18.57R1 169.70R1 073.60R1 023.49R877.95R683.12R446.84R14.70R8 999.02R449.95R22 497.54R37 987.64
2409 NovR18.55R1 169.23R1 073.16R1 023.08R877.60R682.85R446.62R14.60R8 943.34R447.16R22 358.36R37 972.30
2308 NovR18.44R1 163.61R1 068.01R1 018.16R873.38R679.57R444.50R14.47R8 860.12R443.00R22 150.29R37 789.67
2207 NovR18.33R1 170.22R1 074.09R1 023.94R878.34R683.42R447.14R14.45R8 845.78R442.28R22 114.45R38 004.35
2106 NovR18.28R1 172.86R1 076.49R1 026.26R880.32R684.97R447.94R14.74R9 024.13R451.20R22 560.33R38 090.43
1803 NovR18.46R1 178.42R1 081.60R1 031.11R884.49R688.21R450.22R14.44R8 843.77R442.18R22 109.42R38 270.84
1702 NovR18.65R1 192.05R1 094.10R1 043.05R894.72R696.16R455.29R14.76R9 036.61R451.83R22 591.53R38 714.13
1601 NovR18.70R1 201.72R1 102.99R1 051.51R901.97R701.80R459.11R14.79R9 055.53R452.77R22 638.82R39 028.47
1531 OctR18.82R1 209.87R1 110.46R1 058.64R908.08R706.55R462.19R15.14R9 273.06R463.65R23 182.64R39 293.28
1430 OctR18.81R1 200.13R1 101.52R1 050.12R900.78R700.87R458.41R15.16R9 281.13R464.05R23 202.82R38 976.77
1127 OctR19.04R1 209.93R1 110.52R1 058.69R908.12R706.59R462.24R14.99R9 181.85R459.09R22 954.61R39 295.15
1026 OctR19.16R1 222.85R1 122.36R1 070.00R917.82R714.13R467.08R15.30R9 370.92R468.54R23 427.30R39 715.21
925 OctR19.08R1 205.50R1 106.45R1 054.81R904.80R704.01R460.52R15.21R9 313.94R465.69R23 284.85R39 151.20
824 OctR18.98R1 205.12R1 106.11R1 054.48R904.52R703.78R460.49R15.12R9 258.67R462.93R23 146.67R39 138.86
723 OctR19.00R1 215.83R1 115.94R1 063.85R912.55R710.03R464.52R15.43R9 446.56R472.32R23 616.39R39 487.07
420 OctR19.09R1 199.68R1 101.12R1 049.72R900.44R700.61R458.39R15.43R9 447.13R472.35R23 617.82R38 962.08
319 OctR19.00R1 195.79R1 097.56R1 046.32R897.52R698.34R457.00R15.23R9 323.64R466.18R23 309.10R38 835.53
218 OctR18.87R1 170.72R1 074.55R1 024.38R878.71R683.72R447.38R15.24R9 332.13R466.60R23 330.33R38 020.65
117 OctR18.88R1 164.99R1 069.30R1 019.37R874.42R680.38R445.21R14.87R9 106.64R455.33R22 766.59R37 834.54
HijriDateRand-Dollar24 Carat22 Carat21 Carat18 Carat14 Carat9 CaratSilverNisaabMin MahrMahr FaatimiKrugerrand

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