Jumaadal Ulaa 1445

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HijriDateRand-Dollar24 Carat22 Carat21 Carat18 Carat14 Carat9 CaratSilverNisaabMin MahrMahr FaatimiKrugerrand
3014 DecR18.53R1 212.63R1 111.58R1 061.05R909.47R707.37R454.74R14.35R8 787.37R439.36R21 968.42R40 073.24
2913 DecR19.09R1 215.28R1 114.00R1 063.37R911.46R708.91R455.73R13.93R8 530.17R426.50R21 325.44R40 272.94
2812 DecR18.99R1 212.42R1 111.39R1 060.87R909.32R707.25R454.66R14.00R8 574.88R428.74R21 437.19R40 131.72
2711 DecR19.12R1 226.72R1 124.49R1 073.38R920.04R715.59R460.02R14.12R8 646.52R432.32R21 616.31R40 674.13
2408 DecR18.91R1 233.24R1 130.47R1 079.09R924.93R719.39R462.46R14.46R8 854.73R442.73R22 136.81R42 144.81
2307 DecR18.95R1 239.05R1 135.79R1 084.17R929.29R722.78R464.64R14.63R8 956.38R447.81R22 390.94R41 989.97
2206 DecR18.94R1 232.61R1 129.90R1 078.53R924.46R719.03R513.59R14.70R9 001.69R450.08R22 504.23R41 817.42
2105 DecR18.89R1 231.24R1 128.64R1 077.34R923.43R718.22R461.72R14.80R9 064.08R453.20R22 660.20R41 792.10
2004 DecR18.70R1 243.01R1 139.43R1 087.63R932.26R725.09R466.13R15.13R9 265.01R463.25R23 162.52R42 209.63
1701 DecR18.85R1 237.13R1 134.04R1 082.49R927.85R721.66R463.93R15.32R9 381.36R469.06R23 453.39R41 920.32
1630 NovR18.83R1 232.84R1 130.11R1 078.74R924.63R719.16R462.32R15.17R9 289.50R464.47R23 223.75R41 839.69
1529 NovR18.49R1 213.13R1 112.03R1 061.49R909.84R707.66R454.92R14.84R9 087.42R454.37R22 718.56R41 103.91
1428 NovR18.67R1 208.23R1 107.54R1 057.20R906.17R704.80R453.09R14.82R9 075.18R453.75R22 687.94R40 055.54
1327 NovR18.66R1 208.00R1 107.34R1 057.00R906.00R704.67R453.00R14.85R9 093.55454.6773R22 733.87R40 002.51
1024 NovR18.84R1 209.12R1 108.36R1 057.98R906.84R705.32R453.42R14.37R8 799.61R439.98R21 999.03R40 085.27
923 NovR18.79R1 202.92R1 102.67R1 052.56R902.19R701.70R451.09R14.29R8 750.62R437.53R21 876.56R39 888.15
822 NovR18.63R1 203.20R1 102.93R1 052.80R902.40R701.86R451.20R14.34R8 781.24R439.06R21 953.11R39 681.17
317 NovR18.57R1 169.70R1 073.60R1 023.49R877.95R683.12R446.84R14.70R8 999.02R449.95R22 497.54R37 987.64
HijriDateRand-Dollar24 Carat22 Carat21 Carat18 Carat14 Carat9 CaratSilverNisaabMin MahrMahr FaatimiKrugerrand

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