Rabi al Awwal 1445

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HijriDateRand-Dollar24 Carat22 Carat21 Carat18 Carat14 Carat9 CaratSilverNisaabMin MahrMahr FaatimiKrugerrand
3016 OctR19.00R1 167.32R1 071.42R1 021.40R876.16R681.73R445.96R14.81R9 069.77R453.48R22 674.42R37 910.10
2713 OctR18.98R1 144.51R1 050.51R1 001.44R859.06R668.43R437.42R14.61R8 945.77R447.28R22 364.42R37 168.71
2612 OctR18.88R1 136.79R1 043.43R994.69R853.27R663.93R434.46R14.49R8 875.36R443.76R22 188.40R36 917.84
2511 OctR19.09R1 140.44R1 046.77R997.88R856.00R666.05R435.79R14.52R8 891.13R444.55R22 227.82R37 036.46
2410 OctR19.43R1 153.98R1 059.20R1 009.73R866.16R673.95R440.98R14.48R8 865.62R443.28R22 164.05R37 476.69
2309 OctR19.53R1 143.69R1 049.75R1 000.73R858.44R667.95R436.98R14.62R8 952.60R447.63R22 381.51R37 142.22
2006 OctR19.61R1 148.19R1 053.87R1 004.67R861.82R670.58R438.70R14.23R8 714.67R435.73R21 786.68R37 288.41
1905 OctR19.37R1 133.92R1 040.78R992.18R851.12R662.25R433.25R14.36R8 796.07R439.80R21 990.18R36 824.63
1804 OctR19.38R1 136.35R1 043.01R994.31R852.94R663.67R434.15R14.18R8 681.73R434.08R21 704.34R36 903.68
1703 OctR19.19R1 131.76R1 038.81R990.29R849.49R660.99R432.54R14.18R8 684.00R434.19R21 710.00R36 754.37
1602 OctR18.89R1 136.97R1 043.63R994.85R853.40R664.03R434.86R14.38R8 805.60R440.27R22 013.99R36 923.76
1329 SepR19.08R1 150.56R1 056.08R1 006.74R863.60R671.96R439.86R15.16R9 283.88R464.19R23 209.71R37 365.56
1228 SepR19.19R1 165.66R1 069.94R1 019.95R874.92R680.77R445.64R15.03R9 204.42R460.22R23 011.05R37 856.33
1127 SepR19.05R1 169.22R1 073.20R1 023.07R877.59R682.84R447.00R15.21R9 312.41R465.62R23 281.03R37 972.09
1026 SepR18.75R1 162.56R1 067.10R1 017.24R872.59R678.96R444.58R15.21R9 316.02R465.80R23 290.05R37 755.35
622 SepR18.92R1 165.82R1 070.08R1 020.09R875.04R680.86R439.90R15.49R9 482.99R474.15R23 707.49R37 861.43
521 SepR18.81R1 175.97R1 079.39R1 028.98R882.65R686.78R449.51R15.27R9 350.17R467.50R23 375.43R38 191.44
420 SepR19.00R1 182.61R1 085.49R1 034.79R887.64R690.66R452.10R15.32R9 382.22R469.11R23 455.54R38 407.33
319 SepR19.04R1 178.18R1 081.42R1 030.91R884.31R688.07R450.41R15.38R9 415.90R470.79R23 539.74R38 263.25
218 SepR19.05R1 181.71R1 084.65R1 034.00R886.96R690.13R445.86R15.39R9 422.67R471.13R23 556.66R38 378.03
HijriDateRand-Dollar24 Carat22 Carat21 Carat18 Carat14 Carat9 CaratSilverNisaabMin MahrMahr FaatimiKrugerrand

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