Safar 1445

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HijriDateRand-Dollar24 Carat22 Carat21 Carat18 Carat14 Carat9 CaratSilverNisaabMin MahrMahr FaatimiKrugerrand
2814-SeptR18.90R1 163.87R1 068.28R1 018.39R873.58R679.72R444.89R14.91R9 132.75R456.63R22 831.87R37 798.11
2713-SeptR19.02R1 167.94R1 072.02R1 021.95R876.63R682.10R446.46R15.10R9 247.05R462.35R23 117.62R37 930.36
2612-SeptR18.92R1 171.92R1 075.67R1 025.43R879.61R684.41R447.98R15.12R9 258.42R462.92R23 146.05R38 059.56
2511-SeptR19.07R1 182.67R1 085.53R1 034.83R887.68R690.69R452.04R15.23R9 326.61R466.33R23 316.53R38 409.03
2208-SeptR19.23R1 185.03R1 087.70R1 036.90R889.45R692.06R453.68R15.31R9 375.11R468.75R23 437.77R38 485.77
2107-SeptR19.27R1 191.76R1 093.89R1 042.79R894.50R695.99R455.69R15.40R9 432.84R471.64R23 582.10R38 704.61
2006-SeptR19.10R1 190.47R1 092.71R1 041.66R893.52R695.23R455.31R15.73R9 629.68R481.48R24 074.20R38 662.51
1905-SeptR19.10R1 190.47R1 092.71R1 041.66R893.52R695.23R455.31R15.73R9 629.68R481.48R24 074.20R38 662.51
1804-SeptR18.76R1 171.35R1 075.20R1 024.93R879.19R684.09R448.20R15.81R9 681.93R484.09R24 204.83R38 041.31
1501-SeptR18.85R1 177.77R1 081.08R1 030.55R884.00R687.83R450.61
1431-Aug R18.54R1 161.89R1 066.51R1 016.65R872.09R678.57R444.55R16.08R9 849.12R492.45R24 622.81R37 733.64
1330-Aug R18.51R1 149.76R1 055.38R1 006.04R862.99R671.49R439.87R15.93R9 753.47R487.67R24 383.68R37 339.36
1229-Aug R15.64R9 577.81R478.89R23 944.52
1128-Aug R18.63R1 148.34R1 054.08R1 004.80R861.93R670.66R439.37R37 293.23
825-Aug R18.73R1 155.49R1 060.64R1 011.05R867.29R674.83R442.09R15.72R9 624.95R481.24R24 062.39R37 525.54
724-Aug R18.55R1 144.20R1 050.27R1 001.18R858.83R668.25R437.65R15.64R9 578.47R478.92R23 946.17R37 158.79
623-Aug R18.77R1 143.44R1 049.57R1 000.51R858.25R667.80R437.34R15.50R9 489.11R474.45R23 722.76R37 133.94
522-Aug R19.03R1 157.33R1 062.29R1 012.66R868.67R675.90R442.48R15.29R9 365.51R468.27R23 413.78R37 585.38
421-Aug R19.02R1 159.13R1 063.94R1 014.24R870.03R676.96R443.13R15.13R9 265.56R463.27R23 163.90R37 644.14
118-Aug R19.04R1 161.87R1 066.45R1 016.64R872.08R678.56R444.13R15.14R9 271.85R463.59R23 179.63R37 733.08
HijriDateRand-Dollar24 Carat22 Carat21 Carat18 Carat14 Carat9 CaratSilverNisaabMin MahrMahr FaatimiKrugerrand

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