South African Relief

Welfare Programmes

After careful consideration and due procedures, the Welfare Department of the Jamiatul Ulama South Africa facilitates the distribution of Zakah funds and other charities entrusted to them by the Muslim community. The following programmes form the various avenues for the distribution of these charities:


Grocery Hampers

According to the size of the family and the extent of need, hampers containing basic food items are distributed monthly to deserving families. 


Rental Aid

Needy and unemployed person who apply for relief with rental bills are assisted for a specific period of time should they meet the criteria outlined. 


Debt Relief & Grants

Under overwhelming and deserving circumstances, debt relief is granted to a limited extent to persons who apply for such assistance.


Bursary Fund

Students from challenged backgrounds who wish to pursue tertiary studies in specific fields are afforded bursaries to pursue the same.


Medical Assistance

Patients who are unable to afford medical bills, are supported to acquire medication and other allied services which are beyond their financial means. 


Single Headed Families

Vulnerable women and widows who have no bread winner to provide an income for the household are supplemented with different forms of aid on a monthly basis.  


Donate Online with Masterpass™

You can now donate to Jamiatul Ulama South Africa using Masterpass™ via your mobile phone:

  1. Download the Masterpass™ App from the Apple or Android App Store.
  2. Add your bank card details.
  3. Scan the Jamiatul Ulama South Africa QR Code alongside.
  4. Pay

Kindly email Proof of Payment to [email protected] for an official receipt. Section 18A Certificate is available on request.  

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Banking Details

Lillah Funds greatly assist in facilitating the appropriate disbursement of your Zakaah Funds.