UUCSA Welcomes the Delegation of the IUMS to South Africa



The United Ulama Council of South Africa will be co-hosting a senior delegation of scholars from the International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS).  The delegation will be led by the Union’s president, Dr Shaykh Ali Qaradaghi who will be accompanied by senior members of the Union, including its secretary general, Dr Ali Muhammad al-Sallabi, the renowned Libyan-born historian, author and activist.


The primary objective of the visit is to formally express their gratitude and appreciation to the South African government and its people, for initiating proceedings under the Genocide Convention, in a case against Apartheid Israel at the International Court of Justice, and to attend the First Global Anti-Apartheid Conference for Palestine, taking place in Johannesburg between 10 and 13 May, 2024.


The delegation is scheduled to be in Johannesburg on Thursday and Friday,  and then proceed to Cape Town, on Saturday. Members of the delegation will deliver Jumuah lectures in Johannesburg. Details of their engagements, however, will be confirmed after their arrival.  A special Ulama programme will be held in Cape Town on Saturday.


For further information, kindly contact:


  • Jamiatul Ulama South Africa (JUSA) in Johannesburg, on:  011 373 8000 , and


  • Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) in Cape Town, on: 021 684 4606




Yusuf Patel (Moulana)
Secretary General


27 Shawwal 1445 / 07 May 2024