Criminality without Limits: When even Worshippers are Not Spared from Robbery



On Friday, 18th November, the Jamiatul Ulama South Africa took note of the clips of CCTV footage which are understood to be from a prayer facility in the Johannesburg CBD and have since been widely shared via social media. In the footage, one can see armed thugs running amok across a prayer hall, harassing congregants, forcing them to lie down, body-searching and robbing contents of their pockets and other possessions.


JUSA strongly condemns this level of thuggery and show of utter disrespectfulness for the sanctity of a place of worship.


We call upon authorities to investigate this incident and bring to book the culprits of this cowardly crime, whose bravado is only to opportunistically target worshippers, at a time of retreat for prayers and devotions.


As such attacks are likely going to increase, especially as the year draws to a close, JUSA calls upon all congregations to be vigilant, review security arrangements, and take appropriate steps to minimise vulnerability.


JUSA once again reiterates its appeal to all communities to affirm the preservation of the sanctity of places of worship. Mosques are such sacred places and sanctuaries for members of respective communities. Together with their surroundings, such sanctuaries should be kept as protected zones that remain safe, at all times.


Released by:

The Executive Committee
Jamiatul Ulama South Africa


24 Rabi al Thaani 1444 / 19 November 2022