Appeal against High Court Order Restricting the Calling of the Adhaan


(For Immediate Release)


The Jamiatul Ulama South Africa has today issued letters in support of an appeal against the court order issued against the calling of the adhaan at the Madrasah Taleemudeen Masjid, Isipingo Beach.


The 26 August 2020 court order issued by Durban High Court judge, Sidwell Mngadi, limits a salient feature in the expression of Islam and Muslim identity. As an established tradition which has always been in place for time immemorial, its restriction represents an abridgement of the rights of religious expression among the Muslim community.


For generations, the adhaan has been part and parcel of communities living together without any exceptions. It is therefore with dismay that we note a strong Islamophobic sentiment expressed by the applicant in his affidavit challenging the calling of the adhaan, where the co-respondent, Madrasah Taleemudeen, is effectively a proxy for Islam and Muslims.


We appeal to communities to continue in the spirit of tolerance and mutual exchange, a special feature of South Africans living together.


As we await outcomes of due process in the matter, we pray to the Almighty to grant the legal representation success which is not only for Madrasah Taleemudeen, but all Muslims and Islam in the country.


JUSA shall endeavour to render support in any manner appropriate and wherever necessary, in-sha-Allah.


May the Almighty help us in the defence of His Deen. Aameen.


Issued by:

E.I. Bham (Moulana)
Secretary General


Cell: 083 786 2859


11 Muharram 1442 / 31 August 2020