Xenophobic Attacks: JUSA Reaches out to Victims

The Jamiatul Ulama South Africa responded to the emergency situation that development around the xenophobic attacks that once again reared their ugly head, especially around Gauteng until early this week.


In Katlehong where scores of homes were torched, nearly 700 foreign nationals from Malawi, Zimbabwe Mozambique and Tanzania had to be sheltered at DH Hall by the Ekurhuleni municipality’s disaster management services.


After a donor had alerted JUSA’s welfare department of the situation, supplies were mobilised and distributed among those who found refuge at the shelter.


Through liaison with other relief agencies, the police in Palm Ridge as well as civic and political leaders, JUSA was able to hand out sanitary hampers, biscuits and juice.


On Saturday, September 7th, an impromptu appeal at the Johannesburg Muslim School Open Day, resulted in a response of tens of volunteers who quickly packed the hampers for the JUSA distribution.


Meanwhile, JUSA had extended condolences and also reached out to the family of Vuyisile Kwachana, who was buried on Thursday this week. Vuyisile was shot dead while trying to defend the foreign nationals from the xenophobic attacks at Nelson Mandela squatter camp in Katlehong.


JUSA would like to thank all those who supported this emergency relief response through their generous contribution and voluntarism. May the Almighty reward them all, and help us heal our nation. Aameen.