UUCSA Statement | Start of Dhu al Hijjah 1441

The United Ulama Council of South Africa (UUCSA) hereby informs the Muslim public that it has not been able to confirm moonsighting marking the start of the month of Dhu al Hijjah 1441, this evening of 21 July 2020.


To begin with, none of the UUCSA affiliate bodies received moonsighting details from their respective region.


UUCSA however, received news that there was a report of sighting of the crescent in the Northern Cape. Notwithstanding the sighting report, the following facts had to be considered:


  • It was an evening when the western horizon was clear. Under such circumstances, the principle of Jamme Ghafir, when the horizon is clear, requires that sighting should be confirmed by many Muslims.


  • The report from the Northern Cape indicates that only 3 individuals sighted the moon out of a total population of approximately 40 Muslims in the town of interest.


  • There has not been any other reports of moon-sighting in the town and the region.


  • Individuals who claimed to have sighted the moon, refused to give testimony to UUCSA. It is the policy of UUCSA that those who give testimony, do so directly to an UUCSA affiliate and not through third-parties.


  • For now, it remains UUCSA’s policy that a decision for the determination of the start of Islamic months in South Africa shall be based on sighting within our borders.


In view of these facts and in the light of extensive consultations, UUCSA has taken a decision that it will not accept the report which has fallen short of the requirements for acceptability of moon-sighting.


The month of Dhu al Qa’da 1441 shall therefore end on Wednesday 22 July 2020 with 30 days and 1st Dhu al Hijjah 1441 shall correspond to Thursday 23 July 2020. Consequently, Eid-ul-Adha, in South Africa, shall be on Saturday 1st August 2020, in-sha-Allah.


Issued by:


Hilaal Committee
United Ulama Council of South Africa (UUCSA)

30 Dhu al Qa’da 1441 / 21 July 2020