The Final Third of Blessed Ramadan | Remembering Palestinians in Gaza


Alhamdulillah, we have now reached the special and final ten days of the Blessed Month. These are the days of Allah’s Mercy, Forgiveness and Blessings. As we exert ourselves through devotions of dhikr, supplications, tilāwah of the Noble Qur’an, and in the retreat of Iʿtikāf, let us dedicate moments in remembering the plight of our brethren in Gaza.


It has been a Ramadan like no other, in Gaza where over 120,000 have been killed, missing or are injured. Images of emaciated bodies of children due to a man-made famine, the apocalyptic-looking wastelands of the besieged Palestinian territory, and the still-climbing humanitarian toll, have rendered commentators run out of words with which to describe the realities of the suffering of Palestinians.


The vicious Zionist machine that is being unleashed on the defenceless women and children, in Gaza, is unrelenting in acts of dehumanization of Palestinians. For over six months, the horrendous massacres, maiming and genocidal attacks continue, as the Ummah and the rest of the world forlornly look on. As believers, however, we cannot lose hope in the Justice of Allah, from Whom we beseech Divine Intervention and succour.


The Jamiatul Ulama South Africa specially requests imams to observe the Qunūt Nāzila and other du’ās, in seeking the Help of Allah for the Ummah and Occupied Palestine Territories. in general, and Gaza, in particular. Each one of us should take the opportunity of these moments, when we seek the spiritual gifts of Laitul Qadr, to fervently supplicate for the protection and relief of our brethren in Gaza and Palestine.


O Allah! You are Most-Forgiving, You love to forgive, please forgive each one of us. O Allah! Fortify the faith of all of us, and grant steadfastness to the resistance of the people of Gaza.


O Allah! There is no refuge but in You. Grant safety to the people of Gaza; Shield them from their anxieties with Your kindness, and grace; Accept their sacrifice and martyrdom.


We ask you, O Allah, to heal the wounded, hurt and distressed, who have been driven out of their homes by the oppressors. Āmīn.


The Executive Committee
Jamiatul Ulama South Africa


21 Ramadan 1445 / 31 March 2024