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'AbdullahMALEArabic??? ????Abd All?hServant of All?hAl-Qur'?n [19:30]Abd All?h is the name kept by many Sa??bah ? who were pioneers in the branches of Isl?mic knowledge. '?s? ? referred to himself as this in his infancy as mentioned in Al-Qur'?n [19:30].Ibn Umar ? narrates that the prophet ? said: "Surely, the most beloved of your names to All?h are: 'Abd All?h and Abdul Ra?m?n. [Sa??? Muslim]?? ??? ??????? ??? ???? ??? ???? ? ??? ??????
'AliMALEArabic???'Al?Honoured; high; lofty; severeAl-Qur'?n [19:50]One of the greatest companions and son-in-law of the prophet ?, also the fourth caliph of Isl?m. He was the first of the youth to accept Isl?m.He has been given the title 'Asad All?h (the lion of All?h)' due to his bravery and courageness in the battle field.
'AliyyahFEMALEArabic????'AliyyahHonoured; high; lofty; severeAl-Qur'?n [19:50]Feminine version of 'Al?
AadamMALEArabic / Hebrew / Mesopotamian??? / ?? ?????damOne created from red sand or clay, or surface soil of the earth; human being/homosapienAl-Qur'?n [19:58]?dam ?, also known as 'the father of humankind', was the first human being to be created, and he was the first prophet of All?h ?. He was created from clay. His initial abode was Jannah, but he was later sent down to Earth. Every human being originates from him.?dam ? was born in Paradise, and later sent down to the earth. All?h ? taught him the names of things, and the art of agriculture.
'Aa'ishahFEMALEArabic??????ishahProsperous; long-lived; pleased; content; satisfied with lifeMa'?rif Al-Qur'?n 6/32 Karach??ishah ? is the daughter of Ab? Bakr ? - the first caliph of Isl?m, and also the wife of the last and final messenger - prophet Mu?ammad ?. She is a great scholar of Isl?m who narrated nearly 2500 prophetic traditions. Many great companions of the last prophet would consult her regarding matters related to Isl?mic jurisprudence, due to the amount of time she spent with the prophet ? in open and in confinement. The prophet ? passed on from this world whilst his blessed head was resting on her lap.
'AbbaasMALEArabic????Abb?sFierce lion; very sternMa'?rif Al-Qur'?n 6/34 Karach?Abb?s ? is the companion and paternal uncle of the prophet ?. He accepted Isl?m in the early days, but manifested his faith after the battle of Badr.
'AzeezMALEArabic????'Az?zMighty; strong; honourableMa'?rif Al-Qur'?n 6/37 Karach?Az?z was a title given to the ministers of Egypt.
'Abdul 'AzeezMALEArabic??? ??????'Abd Al-'Az?zServant of the most highMa'?rif Al-Qur'?n 6/58 Karach?
'AzeezahFEMALEArabic?????'Az?zahMighty; strong; honourableMa'?rif Al-Qur'?n 6/37 Karach?
Abu HurayrahMALEArabic??? ?????Ab? HurayrahFather of catsMa'?rif Al-Qur'?n 6/44 Karach?Ab? Hurayrah ? is a companion of the prophet ?. He accepted Isl?m 7 years before the Hijrah (migration from Makkah to Mad?nah). Approximately 5734 prophetic traditions were narrated from him - the most narrated from any companion of the prophet ?.The real name of Ab? Hurayrah is 'Abd Al-Rahm?n ibn Sakhr'. He was given the title 'Ab? Hurayrah (Father of cats)' because of a certain cat whom he used to love to play with, and at times would be found in the sleeve of his garment.
Abu TharrMALEArabic??? ??Ab? TharrAbstinent from wordly ambitions and gains; ascetic; devotee; a small antMa'?rif Al-Qur'?n 6/54 Karach?Ab? Tharr ? is a companion of the prophet ?. He was amongst the first of the companion of the prophet ? to accept Isl?m. Being an ascetic, he was well-known for his withdrawal from worldy ambitions. He was the first person to greet the prophet ? with the greeting of Isl?m, after which this universal greeting of Isl?m became widespread.
AhbaarMALEArabic?????A?b?rLearned man; scribeMa'?rif Al-Qur'?n 6/54 Karach?K'ab A?b?r a T?bi'? was a former Jew who reverted to Isl?m after the demise of the Prophet ?. He came to Mad?nah From Yemen during the rule of 'Umar? and would sit with the companions of the Prophet? and narrate to them stories from the books of the Jews.Before Isl?m K'ab A?b?r was among the most outstanding Jewish Monks, hence the title 'A?b?r', which also holds the meaning of 'Rabbi' or 'Jewish Monk', was given to him.
AnasMaleArabic???AnasPeace of mind; One who brings joy; One who removes fear and worriesMa'?rif Al Qur'?n 6/60 Karach?Anas ibn M?lik ? is a companion of the prophet ?. His mother handed him over to be in the service of the prophet ?, thus, he served the prophet ? for 10 years. He was the last companion of the prophet ? to pass away - at the age of 360, and was blessed with nearly 120 children. This was a result of the supplication made by the prophet ? in his favour.
AasimMALEArabic??????imDefender;guradian;one who prevents disobedienceTafs?r Al-Jal?layn 2/360 Bushr???im ibn 'Adiyy ? is a companion of the prophet ? who particapated in the battle of Badr. He passed away during the rulership of Mu'?wiyah ?, being over 100 years in age. [Taqr?b Al-Tahdh?b 472 D?r Al-'??imah]
AasimahFEMALEArabic???????imahDefender;guradian;one who prevents disobedienceTafs?r Al-Jal?layn 2/360 Bushr?Feminine version of '??im
AhmadMALEArabic????A?madPraiseworthy; one who praises All?h excessivelyTafs?r Al-Jal?layn 2/372 Bushr?A?mad is one of the names of the prophet ?. His mother had a dream in which she was directed to keep his name as Mu?ammad, and in another narration, as A?mad. Both the Torah and the Bible mention with regard to the coming of the last prophet that his name would be 'A?mad', as All?h ? informs us in Al-Qur'?n [61:6]. [S?rah Al-Mu??af? 20 Jamiatul Ulama (KZN)]
AmeerMALEArabic????Am?rA leaderTafs?r Al-Jal?layn 2/376 Bushr?
AmeerahFEMALEArabic?????Am?rahA leaderTafs?r Al-Jal?layn 2/376 Bushr?
AaqilMALEArabic????' ?qilFairminded; upright; honest; intelligent; strong willedTafs?r Al-Jal?layn 2/374 Bushr?'?qil ibn Bukhayr ? is a companion of the prophet ?. His name was originally 'Gh?fil (the neglectful one)', however, upon accepting Isl?m, the prophet ? renamed him. He was amongst the first of the companions of the prophet ? who pledged their allegiance to him, in the house of Arqam ibn Ab? Al-Arqam. He is also from amongst the 70 martyres who were killed at the battle of Badr. [Siyar 'Al?m Al-Nubal? 1/185 Al-Maktabah Al-Isl?miyyah]
AaqilahFEMALEArabic?????'?qilahFairminded; upright; honest; intelligent; strong willedTafs?r Al-Jal?layn 2/374 Bushr?The feminine version of '?qil.
AdhraaFEMALEArabic?????'Adhr?'Virgin; untouched; unmarried?afwah Al-Taf?s?r 2/684 Maktab Al-' A?riyyah'Adhr? is one of the titles of Maryam ?, the mother of prophet '?s? ?. [Safwah Al-Taf?s?r 2/684 Al-Maktabah Al-'A?riyyah]
' AtiyyahFEMALEArabic????' A?iyyahGift?afwah Al-Taf?s?r 2/687 Al-Maktabah Al-' A?riyyahUmmu ' A?iyyah Al-Ans?r? is a female companion of the Prophet Mu?ammad ? and is among the great female jurists among the companions. She has narrated a number of Prophetic Traditions and was the companion who gave ghusal to Zaynub ? the daughter of the Prophet?, when she passed away. [Siyar 'Al?m Al-Nubal? 2/318 Al-Maktabah Al-Isl?miyyah]
AmeenMALEArabic????Am?nTrustworthy; content; one who fulfills his promises?afwah Al-Taf?s?r 2/688 Al-Maktabah Al-' A?riyyahAm?n is one of the titles that the Quraish Tribe had given to the Prophet Mu?ammad ? due to their complete faith and trust in his perfect and exemplary character. [ Qasas Al-Anbiy? ]
AmeenahFEMALEArabic?????Am?nahTrustworthy; content; one who fulfills her promises?afwah Al-Taf?s?r 2/688 Al-Maktabah Al-' A?riyyahThe feminine version of Am?n
' AabidahFEMALEArabic?????' ?bidahOne who is occupied in the worship of All?h; one who is abstinent from worldy pleasures?afwah Al-Taf?s?r 2/688 Al-Maktabah Al-' A?riyyah
' AabidMALEArabic????' ?bidOne who is occupied in the worship of All?h; one who is abstinent from worldy pleasures?afwah Al-Taf?s?r 2/688 Al-Maktabah Al-' A?riyyahThe male version of '?bidah
AslamMALEArabic????AslamOne who submits to the will of All?h; One who is safe from calamities; pureTafs?r Ibn Al-Kath?r 2/352 Al-Maktabah Al-' A?riyyahAslam is the freed slave of the second Khal?fah of Isl?m, ' Umar ? and is also the father of the T?bi'? , Zaid Ibn Al-Aslam Al-' adaw? , who is a renowned Isl?mic Jurist and a narrator of the Prophetic Traditions ( Al-A??d?th). [Siyar 'A'l?m Al-Nubal? 5/316 Al-Maktabah Al-Isl?miyyah]
' AroobahFEMALEArabic?????'Ar?bahA woman who is beloved to her husband; well toleratedTafs?r Ibn Al-Kath?r 2/353 Al-Maktabah Al-' A?riyyahIbn Ab? Ar?bah ? is a T?bi'?, a great scholar, and one of the leading figures of Bu?rah. He was the first person to categorize the acts of the prophet ? as 'The Sunnah'. [Siyar 'A'l?m Al-Nubal? 6/413 Al-Maktabah Al-Isl?miyyah]
'AqeelMALEArabic????'Aq?lSensible; sound; credible; intelligent; understandingTafs?r Ibn Al-Kath?r 2/362 Al-Maktabah Al-' A?riyyah'Aq?l Ibn Ab? Al-??lib ? is a companion and the first cousin of the Prophet Mu?ammad ? . The Propeht ? once told him: Oh Ab? Yaz?d, I love you for two reasons. Due to our familial ties and because of mu uncle,I.e your father, Ab ? ??lib. [ Siyar 'Al?m Al-Nubal? 1/218 Al-Maktabah Al-Isl?miyyah]
'AqeelahFEMALEArabic?????'Aq?lahSensible; sound; credible; intelligent; understandingTafs?r Ibn Al-Kath?r 2/362 Al-Maktabah Al-' A?riyyahThe feminine version of 'Aq?l
Awzaa'eeMALEArabic??????Awz?'?One who stops people from following their base desires; one who separates from good and evilTafs?r Ibn Al-Kath?r 2/363 Al-Maktabah Al-' A?riyyahAb? 'Amr Al-Awz ?'? was a leading scholar of most of the branches of Isl?mic knowledge. He hailed from the small town called Awzaa',on the outskirts of Damascus in the Sh?m region, hence his title of 'Awz?'? . [ Siyar 'Al?m Al-Nubal? 7/108 Al-Maktabah Al-Isl?miyyah]Though Awz?'? isnt really an established name , one would give a child this name based on who the name represents and also to gain blessings from the name of a great noble personality.
Ash'habMALEArabic????Ash'habWhite/fair; brave; strongTafs?r Ibn Al-Kath?r 2/364 Al-Maktabah Al-' A?riyyahAsh'hab Ibn 'Abd Al-'Az?z is a renowned scholar and Jurist of Egypt who was prominent in the 1st century. He was born in the year 140 A.H and was a contemporary of the Im?m of Jurisprudence, Al-Sh?fi'? . [ Siyar 'Al?m Al-Nubal? 9/501 Al-Maktabah Al-Isl?miyyah]
A'mashMALEArabic????A'mashOne who has weak eyesight due to excessive tearingTafs?r Ibn Al-Kath?r 2/364 Al-Maktabah Al-' A?riyyahSulaym?n Ibn Al-Mihr?n Al-A'mash is a great T?b'? and leading scholar of the sciences of Qur'?n and its various modes of recitation as well as a master in the field of Prophetic Traditions. He is also well known for his knowledge regarding the field of inheritance. He met Anas Ibn Al-M?lik, the companion of the Prophet Mu?ammad? and narrated some Prophetic Traditions from him also. He was known as Al-A'mash due to his poor eyesight, but despite this,he became excellently skilled in the various branches of Isl?mic knowledge. [ Siyar 'Al?m Al-Nubal? 6/227 Al-Maktabah Al-Isl?miyyah]Though A'mash isnt really an established name , one would give a child this name based on who the name represents and also to gain blessings from the name of a great noble personality.
'AafiyahUNISEXArabic?????'?fiyahComplete wellness; one of excellent healthTafs?r Ibn Al-Kath?r 2/365 Al-Maktabah Al-' A?riyyah ' ?fiyah Ibn Al Yaz?d is a ?anaf? scholar and was the Chief Justice of Baghd?d in the 1st century. He is accredited with being known as " '?lim Al-'?lam?n" ( Scholar of the worlds) due to his vast and immense knowledge. [Siyar 'Al?m Al-Nubal? 7/399 Al-Maktabah Al-Isl?miyyah]' ?fiyah is predominantly a name given to females, but as can be seen from the biographies, this name has been on occasion, given to males as well.
'AbdurrazzaaqMALEArabic??? ??????'Abd Al-Razz?qServant of the one who provides/sustainsTafs?r Ibn Al-Kath?r 2/366 Al-Maktabah Al-' A?riyyah'Abd Al-Razz?q ibn Al-Hum?m is a great protector of Al-Qur'?n, and was a scholar of Yemen during the 1st and 2nd century. He is also a narrator of the prophetic traditions and passed away in the year 211 AH. [Siyar 'Al?m Al-Nubal? 9/564 Al-Maktabah Al-Isl?miyyah]
Al-AswadMALEArabic??????Al-AswadOne who becomes a master or headchief of the majorityTafs?r Ibn Al-Kath?r 2/370 Al-Maktabah Al-' A?riyyahAl-Aswad ibn Al-Yaz?d is a follower of th ecompanios of the prophet ?. He lived during the era of the prophet ?, but only accepted Isl?m after his demise. He is narrated prophetic traditions from many of the senior ranking companions of the prophet ? such as, Mu'?dh ibn Jabal ?, Bil?l ?, Ibn Al-Mas'?d ?, etc. [Siyar 'Al?m Al-Nubal? 4/51 Al-Maktabah Al-Isl?miyyah]
'AwnMALEArabic???'AwnSupporter; helperTafs?r Ibn Al-Kath?r 2/371 Al-Maktabah Al-' A?riyyah'Awn ibn 'Abd All?h ? is a leading scholar of prophetic traditions and a follower of the companions of the prophet ? from the first century. He narrates from the likes of outstanding personalities including '?ishah ? and Ab? Hurayrah ?. He passed away around th eyear 110 AH. [Siyar 'Al?m Al-Nubal? 5/104 Al-Maktabah Al-Isl?miyyah]
'AadilMALEArabic????'?dilUpright; justTafs?r Ibn Al-Kath?r 2/371 Al-Maktabah Al-' A?riyyah
'AadilahFEMALEArabic?????'?dilahUpright; justTafs?r Ibn Al-Kath?r 2/371 Al-Maktabah Al-' A?riyyahThis is the feminine version of '?dil.
'AffaanMALEArabic????'Aff?nVery chaste; extremely pure; virtuousTafs?r Ibn Al-Kath?r 2/372 Al-Maktabah Al-' A?riyyah'Aff?n ibn Al-Muslim is a great scholar andbtransmitter of prophetic traditions from the region of 'Ir?q. He was born around the year 134 AH. His narrations can be found across the six most authentic collections of prophetic traditions. He passed away around the year 220 AH. [Siyar 'Al?m Al-Nubal? 10/242 Al-Maktabah Al-Isl?miyyah]
'AaliyahFEMALEArabic?????'?liyahA woman of high and lofty rank; a noble womanTafs?r Ibn Al-Kath?r 2/372 Al-Maktabah Al-' A?riyyahAb? Al-'?liyah is a famous reciter , protector and exegete of the Qur'?n. He was born during the lifetime of the Prophet Mu?ammad ? but due to his young age, only accepted Isl?m during the time of the first Caliph Ab? Bakr, the companion of the Prophet ? and the good fortune of meeting him, as well. He transmits the Prophetic Traditions from many of the senior companions of the Prophet? and he even read and memorised the Qur'?n at the hands of Ubay Ibn Al-k'ab, the companion of the Prophet?. [Siyar 'Al?m Al-Nubal? 4/208 Al-Maktabah Al-Isl?miyyah]
Aasiyah/AasiyaaFEMALEPersian; Arabic; Greek????/????/?????siyah/ ?siy?Pillar; contemplative; comforting; good; a sunny land with a beautiful,moderate and fresh atmosphereMa'?rif Al-Qur'?n 6/89 Karach??siyah is the wife of Fir'awn, and the adoptive mother of the prophet M?s? ?. She believed in one All?h ?, and endured much pain, suffering, and eventually death at the hands of her husband due to her faith. She has the fortune of being one of the wives of the prophet ? in Jannah. [Ma'?rif Al-Qur'?n 6/89 Karach?]
Abdul KareemMALEArabic??? ??????Abd Al-Kar?mServant of the Most NobleMa'?rif Al-Qur'?n 6/163 Karach?Abd Al-Kar?m Al-Qushayr? is a great Sh?fi'? scholar, mystic and exegete of the Qur'?n. He compiled the book titled ''Al-Ris?lah'' and passed away in the year 465 A.H. [ Siyar 'Al?m Al-Nubal? 18/227 Al-Maktabah Al-Isl?miyyah]
Aboo NasrMALEArabic??? ???Ab? Na?rFather of successMa'?rif Al-Qur'?n 6/164 Karach?Ab? Na?r Al-Tim?r is an Isl?mic scholar, leader and ascetic who resided in Baghd?d. After the year 160 .A.H he began his pursuit of knowledge and thus began narrating the Prophetic Traditions from the famous scholars of his time. [ Siyar 'Al?m Al-Nubal? 10/572 Al-Maktabah Al-Isl?miyyah]
'AbdMALEArabic???'AbdServant/slave/worshipper of All?hTafs?r Al-Jal?layn 2/378 Bushr?
'AdheemahFEMALEArabic?????'A??mahA woman of great status, strength and aweTafs?r Al-Jal?layn 2/386 Bushr?
'AdheemMALEArabic????'A??mA man of great status; strength and aweTafs?r Al-Jal?layn 2/386 Bushr?Masculine version of 'A??mah.
AaminMALEArabic????minOne who has gained complete salvation and forgiveness from All?h due to him often repenting, doing good deeds and having full faith in All?h; contentment; one who is safe from all types of harms and calamities.Tafs?r Al-Jal?layn 2/396 Bushr?
AaminahFEMALEArabic?????minahOne who is safe from harm; one with a peaceful and content heart; calm without having any fearTafs?r Al-Jal?layn 2/396 Bushr??minah Bint Wahb is the mother of the last and final Prophet of All ? h, Mu?ammad ?. She passed away while he? was a child of merely 6 years of age. [Qa?a? Al-Anbiy? ]
'AamirMALEArabic????'?mirLong lived; abundantTafs?r Al-Jal?layn 2/399 Bushr?'?mir Ibn 'Abd Qays is a leading scholar and follower of the Companions of the Prophet Mu?ammad ?. He was known for his ascetism and he narrrates the Prophetic Traditions from Umar ? and Salm?n ? , two companions of the Prophet ? . The other scholars of his time regarded him in very high esteem. [ Siyar 'Al?m Al-Nubal? 4/16 Al-Maktabah Al-Isl?miyyah]
Abul Baqaa'MALEArabic??? ??????Ab? Al-Baq?'Father of those who remainTafs?r Al-Jal?layn 2/413 Bushr?Ab? Al-Baq?' 'Abd All ? h Ibn Al-?ussayn is a 6th centuryIsl?mic Hanbal? scholar, exegete of the Qur'?n, a grammarian of the Arabic Language and a master of jurisprudence and inheritance. He is known for the many books which he compiled on the various fields and branches of Isl?mic knowledge. He passed away in the year 616 A.H. [ Siyar 'Al?m Al-Nubal? 22/92 Al-Maktabah Al-Isl?miyyah]
'AjeebahFEMALEArabic?????'Aj?bahWonderful; strange; Amazing?afwah Al-Taf?s?r 2/703 Al-Maktab Al-'A?riyyah 'Aj?bah Bint Al-??fi? Ab? Bakr is a leading, pious female scholar of the Prophetic Traditions. She was a very unique scholar to such an extent that the other scholars of her time gave her the title of "Mashyakhah" due to her mastery over 10 branches of Isl?mic knowledge. She passed away in the year 647 A.H. [Siyar 'Al?m Al-Nubal? 23/232 Al-Maktabah Al-Isl?miyyah]
'AjjaajMALEArabic????'Ajj?jOne who raises his voice to protect the D?n?afwah Al-Taf?s?r 2/70 Al-Maktab Al-'A?riyyah
AymanUNISEXArabic????AymanOne of blessings; one who is blessed?afwah Al-Taf?s?r 2/712 Al-Maktab Al-'A?riyyahAyman Ibn N?bil is a young follower of the companions of the Prophet Mu?ammad? and he was from the family of the freed slaves of the closest companion of the Prophet ?, Ab? Bakr ?. [Siyar 'Al?m Al-Nubal? 6/310 Al-Maktabah Al-Isl?miyyah]
'AaqibMALEArabic????'?qibA successor?afwah Al-Taf?s?r 2/720 Al-Maktab Al-'A?riyyah'?qib is one of the names of the Prophet Mu?ammad ? . He is named such due to him being the seal of and succeeding all the Prophets of All?h?. [ Asm? Un Nab? ? pg11 Zam Zam Publishers]
AyyoobMALEHebrew???? / ????Ayy?bRepentent; One who always turns to All?h ?; Steadfastness; One who returns to the right path; Worshipper of All?h ?Al-Qur’?n [21:83]Ayy?b ? is a prophet of All?h ? who went through a very severe ordeal where he not only lost all his worldly possessions and children, but was also afflicted with a terrible disease by which people abandoned him and left him at a dump site. Despite all of this, he never lost faith in the mercy of All?h ?, and continued having patience, and giving thanks to All?h ? for all His bounties. Due to this, Ayy?b ? occupies a distinctive position amongst all the prophets for firmness in his devotion and endurance in his sufferings. All?ah ? has placed His seal in acknowledgement of Ayy?b’s ? extreme endurance in the words of Al-Qur’?n [38:44]: “Surely We found him to be a steadfast man”. [Ma’?rif Al-Qur’?n 6-219 Kar?ch?]
Alyasa'aMALEHebrew???? / ?????Alyasa'All?h ? is the salvationMa’?rif Al-Qur’?n 6/222 Kar?ch?Alyasa’a ? is a prophet of All?h ?, mentioned in the Qur’?n. [Ma’?rif Al-Qur’?n 6/222 Kar?ch?]
AaidMALEArabic????'?idOne who returns to All?h ?; one who visitsthe sick; one of kindness and benefit; profitTafs?r Al-Jal?layn 2/418 Al-Bushr?
AaidahFEMALEArabic?????'?idahOne who returns to All?h ?; one who visitsthe sick; one of kindness and benefit; profitTafs?r Al-Jal?layn 2/418 Al-Bushr?Feminine version of '?id.
AhsanMALEArabic????A?sanMost excellent; the best; learned manTafs?r Al-Jal?layn 2/421 Al-Bushr?
Aboo Al-AtaahiyahMALEArabic??? ????????Ab? Al-'At?hiyahOne of feeble-mindednessTafs?r Ibn Kath?r 2/399 Al-Maktabah Al-‘A?riyyahAb? Al-‘At?hiyah is a famous poet from the ‘Anz tribe, whose poetry became common during the earlier Isl?mic era. He was given the title ‘Ab? Al-‘At?hiyah’ because he loved famous and foolishness during his youthful days. It is also said that the Caliph of his time had given him this title due to his profession, however, he later gave up his ways of amusement and futility, and devoted himself to the worship of All?h ?, whilst denouncing materialism. Thus, he began using his poetry in calling and inviting people towards the truth. [https://mawdoo3.com]
'AteeqMALEArabic????'At?qHonourable; free; high born; pure; noble; liberated; ancientTafs?r Ibn Kath?r 2/415 Al-Maktabah Al-‘A?riyyah‘At?q ibn Ab? Al-Fa?al is a scholar and narrator of the Prophetic Traditions and is among the senior martyrs of the city of Damascus. He passed away in the year 643 A.H. [Siyar ‘Al?m Al-Nubal? 23/221 Al-Maktabah Al-Isl?miyyah]
'AteeqahUNISEXArabic?????'At?qahHonourable; free; high born; pure; noble; liberated; ancientTafs?r Ibn Kath?r 2/415 Al-Maktabah Al-‘A?riyyah‘At?qah Ibn Al-??rith is a companion of the Prophet Mu?ammad ?. [www.tarajm.com/people/45780]Comments: ‘At?qah can be used for both males and females. Today, however, it is a name which is generally given more to females than males.
Aboo ThanaaMALEArabic??? ????Ab? Than?One who praises All?h ? a lotSafwah Al-Taf?s?r 2/724 Al-Maktabah Al-‘A?riyyahAb? Al-Than? Al-?l?s? is a renowned Isl?mic Scholar of the Qur?nic exegesis as well as of the Propehtic Traditions. He is most well-known for his famous book of th Exegis of the Qur?n, titled R?? Al-Ma’?n?, which scholars world wide use upto this day. He is attributed to the place ?l?s because his ancestors were originally from there. [www.tarajm.com/people/88235]
AsraarUNISEXArabic?????Asr?rSecrets; mystery; heart; sacramentSafwah Al-Taf?s?r 2/737 Al-Maktabah Al-‘A?riyyah
'AfeefahFEMALEArabic?????'Af?fahPure; chaste; protected; honest; intelligentSafwah Al-Taf?s?r 2/737 Al-Maktabah Al-‘A?riyyah‘Af?fah Binti Ab? Bakr is a great female Isl?mic scholar of I?bah?n. She is also a narrator and transmittor of the Prophetic Traditions and was the last known person to have narrated Prophetic Traditions from the great scholar ‘Abd Al-Wa??d Ibn Mu?ammad Al-Dushtuj. She passed away in the year 606 A.H. [Siyar ‘Al?m Al-Nubal? 21/482 Al-Maktabah Al-Isl?miyyah]
'AntarahMALEArabic?????'AntarahCourage; bravery; strengthSafwah Al-Taf?s?r 2/737 Al-Maktabah Al-‘A?riyyah‘Antarah Al-An??r? is a companion of the Prophet Mu?ammad ?. He participated in two major battles of Isl?m namely, The Battle of Badr and The Battle of U?ud and he was killed by a person by the name of Nawfal Ibn Mu’?wiyah. [tarajm.com/people/40381]
AseerullaahMALEArabic???? ????As?r All?hCaptive of All?h on this EarthMa'?rif Al-Qur'?n 6/247 Karach?This name denotes that one is waiting to leave this Earth so he can go and be with All?h? in the Heavens.
'AsheerMALEArabic????'Ash?rFriend; relative; tribeAl-Qur?n [22/13]
'ArafaatMALEArabic?????'Araf?tThe place and position of the pilgrims on the day of 'ArafahMa'?rif Al-Qur'?n 6/258 Karach?This name is indicative of honour and nobility because the pilgrims that perform the ?ajj Pilgrimage, when they take up their positions on the day at the place called 'Arafah, they are given a special rank and honour in the sight of All?h?
AmeenullaahMALEArabic???? ????Am?n All?hThe trustworty one of All?hMa'?rif Al-Qur'?n 6/247 Karach?
AtaaMALEArabic??????At?Gift?310 - ???? ???????? ?????? ????????A Yemeni jurist who served as a Muft? in Makkah ('At? ibn Ab? Rab?h)He was a T?bi'? and despite him being crippled, he served the D?n.
AsmaFEMALEArabic????????Asm?'/AsmaaHeight/GrandeurAl-Qur'?n [2:31]Daughter of Sayyidun? 'Ab? Bakr tSister of Sayyidatun? '?'?shah y
Abu HanifahMALEArabic?????? ?????????Ab? Han?fahFather of the upright one?400 - ???? ??? ????? ??????? ? ???????He was a great worshipper and jurist. He would make a khatam in one rak'atThe title of one of the four major Im?ms
AtaullahMALEArabic??????? ????At?ull?hA gift from All??664 - ???? ???? ????????Many great jurists and pious personalities had this name
AasifMALEArabic?????sifStrong?574 - ????? ?????name of the scribe of Sulaym?n u
AshrafMALEArabic???????AshrafHonourable???? ??????One of the revivers of D?n in the past centuryA great scholar and compiler. Compiled +1000 compilations
Abu BakrMALEArabic?????? ?????Ab? BakrFather of young camel???? ???? ????The title of the closest man to Nab? rReferred to in the Qur'?n, S?rah Taubah, 40
AaminaFEMALEArabic???????minaPeace, securityAl-Qur'?n [2:125]
AakifMALEArabic???????kifSecluded (I'tik?f)Baqarah, 125
AakifahFEMALEArabic?????????kifahSecluded (I'tik?f)Baqarah, 125
AazibMALEArabic???????zibSingle, celibate?194 - ???? ??? ????? ??????? ? ???????Father of Sayyiduna Bar? ibn '?zib t
‘AbdurRahmanMaleArabic?????? ????????‘Abdur Ra?m?nServant of The Most Merciful??? ??? ???? 4949, ?68 - ???? ??? ????? ??????? ? ??????? - ??? ?????? ?? ??? ?? ??? ??? ?????? - ??????? ??????? ???????He was one of the 10 ?ah?ba who were given glad tidings of Jannah in this world,One of the best names to keep
Amatur RahmanFEMALEArabic?????? ?????????Amatur Ra?m?nServant of The Most Merciful??? ??? ???? 4949,One of the best names to keep
Akwa’MaleArabic???????AkwaOne who has an elbow?326 - ???? ??? ????? ??????? ? ??????? - ???? ??? ?????? ???? ?? ??? ???? ??????? - ??????? ??????? ???????Father of Ha?rat Salamah Ibn Akwa’ tOriginal name: Sin?n
Asqa’MaleArabic???????Asqa’Ice, frosty?462 - ???? ??????? ?? ????? ??????? - ????? ?? ???? - ??????? ??????? ???????Grandfather of Ha?rat W?thilah t. Generally attributed to his grandfather.
AkhnasMaleArabic???????AkhnasOne who infiltrates and subtly withdraws?291 - ???? ?????? ??????? ?? ???? ????? ??????? - ?????? ?? ???? - ??????? ??????? ???????Verses were revealed regarding Akhnas Ibn Shurayq as he caused a lot of grief to Nab? rNot a recommended name
AsadMaleArabic?????AsadLion?368 - ???? ??????? ?? ????? ??????? - ? ??? ?? ????? ??????? - ??????? ??????? ???????He is declared as a ?a??b? by some scholars.His original name was Lab?d
Abu DardaMaleArabic?????? ???????????Ab? Dard?Father of a toothless child (Darda=feminine)?335 - ???? ??? ????? ??????? ? ??????? - ??? ??????? ????? ?? ??? ?? ??? ???????? - ??????? ??????? ???????He was a great ?a??b?. He settled in Damascus and was the official judge thereHis real name was ‘Uwaymir
Abu DahdahMaleArabic????? ???????????Ab? Da?d??A short statured person?100 - ???? ??????? ?? ????? ??????? - ??? ??????? ???????? - ??????? ??????? ???????He was an ally of the an??r. He was promised a date palm in Jannah by Nab? rHis real name is unknown
Abdul QayyumMaleArabic?????? ???????????‘Abdul Qayy?mSlave of the Ever-Lasting255, Baqarah
Amatul QayyumFemaleArabic?????? ???????????Amatul Qayy?mSlave of the Ever-Lasting255, Baqarah
Abu QuhafahMaleArabic?????? ????????Ab? Qu??fahFather of a container. Quh?f was an Arab tribeHe was the father of Sayy?dun? Ab? Bakr t. He was the first to inherit from a khal?fah, i.e. his son and the first to dye his beard.His real name was Uthm?n ibn ?mir
Abdul MuttalibMaleArabic?????? ??????????‘Abdul Mu??alibServant of the objective?117 - ???? ??????? - ??? ????? ?? ????? - ??????? ??????? ???????The grandfather of Nab?rHis real name was '?mir or Shaybah
Abdul HayyMaleArabic?????? ??????‘Abdul ?ayySlave of the Ever-Living255, Baqarah
Amatul HayyFemaleArabic?????? ??????Amatul ?ayySlave of the Ever-Living255, Baqarah
AarifMaleArabic??????‘?rif One who recognizes All?hhttps://www.khanqah.org/Title of ?ak?m Akhtar ???ib ra?imahull?h
AarifahFemaleArabic????????‘?rifah One who recognizes All?hhttps://www.khanqah.org/
AasMaleArabic????‘?a? One who is disobedient?54 - ???? ??? ????? ??????? ? ??????? - ???? ?? ????? ?? ???? ?????? - ??????? ??????? ???????The father of Sayyidun? 'Amr Ibn '?? t
AslamahMaleArabic?????????Aslamah One who submits (himself to All?h)?140 - ???? ??????? ?????? ??????? ?????? ??????? - ???? ?? ????? ?????? ?????? ?????? - ??????? ??????? ???????
‘Abdul MajeedMaleArabic?????? ?????????‘Abdul Maj?dServant of The Most Glorious[??? ??-??]
Amatul MajeedFemaleArabic?????? ?????????Amatul Maj?d Servant of The Most Glorious[??? ??-??]
Abu UbaidahMaleArabic????? ?????????Ab? ‘Ubaidah Father of a young servant (of All?h)?5 - ???? ??? ????? ??????? ? ??????? - ????? ???? - ??????? ??????? ???????A great ?a??b?; he was given the title as Am?n (trustworthy) by Nab? r. He was also a scribe of the Qur’?n Shar?f.One of the ?a??ba who were guaranteed Jannah in this world.
AbaadMaleArabic???????‘Ab?d One who worships All?h in abundance?337 - ???? ??? ????? ??????? ? ??????? - ???? ?? ??? ?? ??? ?? ???? ?? ?????? ???????? - ??????? ??????? ???????/?496 - ???? ??????? ?? ????? ??????? - ???? ?? ??? - ??????? ??????? ???????He was a Badr? ?a??b?. He was one of those who were instrumental in the killing of Ka’b Ashraf.He was the ?a??b? whose stick (‘a??) became illuminated and lit the way home for him.
Aqra'MALEArabic???????Aqra' One who is bald?264 - ???? ??? ?????? ? ??????? - ?????? ?? ???? - ??????? ??????? ???????He accepted Isl?m along with the tribe of Ban? Tam?m. He passed away along with the expedition he was appointed over at Jawzj?n, Afgh?nist?n.Aqra' was his nickname, his real name was F?ris. He was called Aqra’ due to his baldness.
AzwarMALEArabic??????AzwarStrong/one who has a squint eye?390 - ???? ??????? ?? ????? ??????? - ????? ????? ????? - ??????? ??????? ???????The name of the father of Sayidun? ?ir?r t
His original name is said to be M?lik and his other pet name was Ab? Bil?l.
Abu LahabMALEArabic?????? ?????Ab? LahabFather of flame[????? ?-?]
Abdul BariMALEArabic?????? ????????‘Abdul B?r?Servant of The Creator[????? ??]
Amatul BariFEMALEArabic?????? ????????Amatul B?r?Servant of The Creator[????? ??]
AdiMALEArabic/Hebrew?????/????Ad?Jewel?7 - ???? ??? ?????? ? ??????? - ??? ?? ???? - ??????? ??????? ???????He was previously a Christian. He comes from a very noble family. They were known for their generosity.He would make crumbs of bread for the ants and say that the ants have a right also.
AwfMALEArabic?????AwfLion/Guest/Plant?300 - ???? ??? ?????? ? ??????? - ??? ?? ???? ??????? - ??????? ??????? ???????The first expedition he witnessed was Khaibar. He held the flag on the day of the conquest of Makkah.
He passed away in Damascus.
His titles were Ab? ?amm?d and Ab? ‘Amr.
Abdul GhaniMaleArabic?????? ????????‘Abdul Ghan?Servant of The Most Independent[??????? ???]
Amatul GhaniFemaleArabic?????? ????????Amatul Ghan?Servant of The Most Independant[??????? ???]
Abu TalibMaleArabic????? ??????Ab? ??libFather of the seeker?67 - ???? ???? ??????? - ??? ????? ??????? - ??????? ???????This was the title of the uncle of Nab? who did not accept Isl?m.Others besides him have this name as well.
Ad-DaqaqMaleArabic?????????Daq?qPurifier/Flour merchant?371 - ???? ????? ????? ? ???? - ???? ?? ???? ?? ???? ??? ??? ?????? ??????? ?????? ??????? ???? ?????? ???? ?????? - ??????? ??????? ???????He was a great Sh?fi’? scholar.His real name was Mu?ammed, however he is more commonly known as Ibn Daq?q.
AmmaarMaleArabic????‘Amm?rone who tends and maintains something”, “long-lived?406 - ???? ??? ????? ??????? ? ??????? - ???? ?? ???? ?? ???? ?? ???? ?????? - ??????? ??????? ???????
AbaanMaleArabic??????Ab?nManifest?327 - ???? ????? ??????? ???? ???? - ???? ???????? ??? ??? ????? ??? ???? ???? ???? ????? ?? ??? ????? ??? ?? ???????? ???? ???????? ??? ????? ?? ???? ???????? - ??????? ??????? ???????He experienced much persecuation at the hands of the mushrik?n at Makkah. He was a noble sa??b? who was a partipant of Badr.He was amongst the first few to accept Isl?m. He was amongst the first 7 to pronounce Isl?m openly.
Abdul GhaffaarMaleArabic?????? ?????????‘Abdul Ghaff?rSlave of the Most ForgivingSurah ??d, 66He was part of the expedition that came to Nab? r, known as the expedition of ‘Abdul Qays. He is counted amongst the Ba?r?y?n. He narrates a ?ad?th wherein he saw the whiteness of Nab? r armpits when Nab? r raised his hands for du’?.
Amatul GhaffarFemaleArabic?????? ?????????Amatul Ghaff?rSlave of the Most ForgivingSurah ??d, 66
Abdul KhaliqMaleArabic?????? ????????‘Abdul Kh?liqSlave of the CreatorSurah ?ashr, 23
Amatul KhaliqFemaleArabic?????? ????????Amatul Kh?liqSlave of the CreatorSurah ?ashr, 23
AbdullatMaleArabic????? ???????‘Abdull?tSlave of L?t (idol)?285 - ???? ??? ?????? ? ??????? - ??? ?????? - ??????? ??????? ???????This was a name the polytheists would keep during the time of ignorance. This is an abhorrent name and cannot be kept as this is tantamount to shirk.
Abdul UzzaMaleArabic?????? ????????‘Abdul ‘Uzz?Slave of ‘Uzz? (idol)?27 - ???? ??? ?????? ? ??????? - ???? ?? ??? ????? - ??????? ??????? ???????This was a name the polytheists would keep during the time of ignorance. This is an abhorrent name and cannot be kept as this is tantamount to shirk.
Abdus Shams/Abdu ShamsMaleArabic?????? ??????‘Abdu ShamsSlave of the sun?301 - ???? ????? ???? ???? ????? - ??? ????? ?????? - ??????? ??????? ???????This was the name of ?a?rat Ab? Hurairah t prior to Isl?m.This is not suitable to keep.
Abu RighaalMaleArabic?????? ??????Ab? Righ?lFather of the guide?538 - ????? ?????? ???? ?????? ? ???? - - ??????? ??????? ???????He was a man from Tham?d. Once the ?a??ba were passing by a grave. Nab? r enquired as to who’s grave it was and the ?a??ba replied that All?h and His Messenger know best. Then Nab? r went on to explain that it is the grave of Ab? Righ?l. When the punishment descended upon Tham?d, he was in the ?aram, so this prevented him being punished along with them. However, as soon as he exited the sacred sanctuary, the punishment afflicted him.
‘AmudanMaleArabic??????????‘Am?d?nPillar?199 - ?????? ?? ??????? ????? ??????? - ???????????? ???? ???? ?? ??? ???? ???? ?????? - ??????? ??????? ???????The name of one of the stars that prostrated to ?a?rat Y?suf u
AnwarMaleArabic???????AnwarIlluminatedhttp://darululoom-deoband.com/arabic/magazine/tmp/1416473950fix4sub7file.htmThe name of the great luminary, ‘All?mah Anwar Sh?h Kashm?r?. He was a student and graduate of Darul ‘Ul?m Deoband. He taught at the institute as well. He compiled many great scholarly works for the ummah to benefit from.
AatikahFemaleArabic????????‘?tikahOne with a pleasant fragrance?3251 - ???? ????? ??????? ???? ???? - ????? ??? ??? ?????? ??? ????? ??? ???? ???? ???? ????? ?????? ?????? ??? ???? ??? ??? ??? ???? ?? ????? ??? ???? ????? ??????? ?? ??????? - ??????? ??????? ???????The sister of the father of Nab? r. She accepted Isl?m and is counted amongst the ?a??biy?t.
AttaabUnisexArabic???????‘Att?bA confidant, an advisor?2223 - ???? ????? ??????? ???? ???? - ???? ?? ???? ?? ??? ????? ?? ???? ?? ??? ??? ?? ??? ???? ??? ???? ??? ???? ?? ???? ?? ??? ??? ??????? ????? ??? ???? ???? ???? ??? ??? ????? ???? ???? ??? ???? ???? ???? ????? ????? ??? ??? - ??????? ??????? ???????He was a ?a??b?. Nab? r appointed him as a governor over Makkah and when Nab? r passed away, ‘Att?b t was the governor. His name was ‘Att?b b. Usaid t.It’s a female name, however due to common usage, it is used for males as well.
AazarMalePersian?????zarFireS?rah ‘An’?m, 73. Tafs?r Ibn Kath?rThe father of ?a?rat Ibr?h?m u. ?a?rat Ibr?h?m u preached Isl?m to him, but he rejected the message and died as a mushrik.His original name was actually T?ra?
Abd RabihiMaleArabic??? ???‘Abdu RabihiServant of His Lord§?????? ????? ???? ?????? ???? ?????????? ???? ?????? ??????? ???? ?????? ???? ?????????? ???? ??????????? ????? ????????? ????????? ?????????? ???? ??????????? ????????? ????? ?????? ??????? ????????? ????????? ???? ????????????? ??????? ?????? ???? ??????? ???? ??????? ???????? ??????????? ???? ????? ???????? ????????? ?????????????? ?????? ??????????? ???????????? ?????? ????? ???????? ??????????? ???????? ???????? ????????? ???? ???????? ?????? ????? ?????? ?????? ??????? ????????????The great- grandfather of ‘Abdull?h b. Zaid, the ?a??b? who had the dream about adh?n.
Amatu RabhihaMaleArabic??? ????Amatu RabihaServant of Her Lord§?????? ????? ???? ?????? ???? ?????????? ???? ?????? ??????? ???? ?????? ???? ?????????? ???? ??????????? ????? ????????? ????????? ?????????? ???? ??????????? ????????? ????? ?????? ??????? ????????? ????????? ???? ????????????? ??????? ?????? ???? ??????? ???? ??????? ???????? ??????????? ???? ????? ???????? ????????? ?????????????? ?????? ??????????? ???????????? ?????? ????? ???????? ??????????? ???????? ???????? ????????? ???? ???????? ?????? ????? ?????? ?????? ??????? ????????????https://www.muhtwa.com/262588/%D9%85%D8%B9%D9%86%D9%89-%D8%A7%D8%B3%D9%85-%D8%B9%D8%AA%D8%A7%D8%A8/
Abu Jumu’ahMaleArabic?????? ???????Ab? Jumu’ahFather of Friday?51 - ???? ??? ?????? ? ??????? - ??? ???? - ??????? ??????? ???????He was an an??r? ?a??b? who met Nab? r during the year of a?z?b.
AhwasMaleArabic???????A?wa?Squint-eyed?289 - ???? ????? ?????? ?? ????? ?????? - ???? ?? ???? ?? ???? ??? ???? ?? ?????? ?????? ????? ???????? ?????? ???? ??? - ??????? ??????? ???????He was from ?im?. He saw Anas b. M?lik and ‘Abdull?h b. Busr t.
AjlahMaleArabic???????Ajla?Bald?205 - ???? ????? ????? ???? - ???? ?? ????? ?????? - ??????? ??????? ???????He was a poet from Persia. He witnessed the battle of ?iff?n with Am?r Mu’?wiyah t. He was martyred on that day as well.
AjlanMaleArabic????????‘Ajl?nOne with a quick pace?202 - ???? ?????? ????? ?????? ???? ?????? - ????? ?????? ???? ????? ??? ???? - ??????? ??????? ???????
ArmiyaMaleArabic/Hebrew ???????????)?Armiy?May Allah raise me?318 - ????? ?????? ???? - - ??????? ??????? ???????He was one of the Ambiy? sent to the Ban? Isr?’?l.
AnaasMaleArabic ????? An?sTo move?19 - ???? ??? ?????? ? ??????? - ??? ???? - ??????? ??????? ???????He was a ?a??b? and a poet.
ArafahMALEArabic????ArafahThe Mountain of 'Arafah on the outskirts of Makkah Al-MukarramahMa'?rif Al-Qur'?n 6/271 Karach?Ibn ‘Arafah is a sound, reliable and famous scholar of the Prophetic Sciences and a leading scholar of his time. He lived to over 120 years of age and he himself is reported as saying that none of the People of Knowledge besides him had lived that long. [Siyar ‘Al?m Al-Nubal? 11/548 Al-Maktabah Al-Isl?miyyah]Arafah is a name of a place on the outskirts of Makkah Al-Mukarramah which is one of the main places to stop at during the 5 days of the Pilgrimage otherwise known as the days of ?ajj. This place has been given a special virtue by All?h? and it is said that it will be at this place that every person, from the first man on Earth, till the last, will be resurrected on the Day of Judgement and Recompense to account for their deeds and their time spent on Earth.
AlqamahMALEArabic?????AlqamahBitter; bitter melonTafs?r Al-Jal?layn 2/448 Bushr?‘Alqamah Ibn Qays is a leading and renowned Isl?mic Scholar and follower of the Companions of the Prophet Mu?ammad ? form Kufa. He is counted from amongst the “Mukh?arim?n”, those souls who were born during the Prophethood of the Messenger Mu?ammad ? but who, for whatever reason, did not get to meet him while in the state of ?m?n and as such, did not get the honour of being given the title of “Al-?a??bah”. However, he did get to meet, spend time with and even study under the Prophet’s ? illustrious companions, in fact, one of his main teachers and mentors was the companion ‘Abd All?h Ibn Mas’?d, who is known as the leader in Isl?mic Jurisprudence. He was known for his vast knowledge and expertise with regards to the fields of Isl?mic Jurisprudence and the Prophetic Sciences and he has narrated from the likes of companions of the Prophet ? such as ‘Umar ?, ‘Uthm?n ?, ‘All? ?, ‘?ishah the wife of the Prophet ?, Ab? Dard?’?, Kh?lid Ibn Al-Wal?d ? to mention a few. [Siyar ‘Al?m Al-Nubal? 4/54 Al-Maktabah Al-Isl?miyyah]
AmalFEMALEArabic???AmalHope; wish; ambition; aspirationTafs?r Al-Jal?layn 2/452 Bushr?
ArshadMALEArabic????ArshadThe most rightly guided