Radio Islam Masjid Awards

The Radio Islam Masjid Awards which will be hosted by Radio Islam International in conjunction with Jamiatul Ulama SA was launched a few months ago.


Alhamdulillah, this initiative has been well received and lauded by many throughout the country and abroad.


The primary objective of the Radio Islam Masjid Awards is to showcase excellence in Masjid projects/activities and to provide a medium through which Masajid can learn from each other.


Your Masjid’s participation in the Awards will contribute significantly towards achieving this objective, insha Allah.


The closing date for submissions is 30th June 2019 and hence urgency is essential.


Please study the details on the categories and submission process.


You can email: [email protected] or call/ WhatsApp Moulana Yusuf Omar on 079 403 1231 for further details.