Obituary | Moulana Ibrahim ibn Moosa Mia (RA)

Verily, Allah does not take away knowledge by snatching it from the people but He takes away knowledge by taking away the scholars… (Bukhari)


The Jamiatul Ulama South Africa (JUSA) is mourning the passing of Moulana Ibrahim ibn Moosa Mia who was also fondly called Hilaal, among his peers. Inalillahi waina ilayhi rajiun.


Until his sudden demise, in the early hours of Monday 15 November 2021, Moulana Ibrahim worked at JUSA’s offices in Fordsburg. For at least 20 years, he was the face and voice of JUSA head office’s front desk where he welcomed guests, served visitors, answered and routed telephonic calls.


During the long period of service and while in better health, Moulana Ibrahim would also take marital dispute cases where he counselled couples and facilitated settlements in strained relationships.


Privately, Moulana Ibrahim was known for his devotion to the Noble Qur’an. He would frequent Mayfair Jumuah Masjid where in the early hours of the morning he would sit and listen to learners recite passages, during which he would intervene with rectifications and guidance for correct tilaawah, without seeking remuneration.


In the earlier part of the 1990s after he had qualified as an aalim and before joining JUSA, Moulana Ibrahim taught Qur’an Hifz in the mornings.


A long-term friend of Moulana Ibrahim has remarked: “He loved the Qur’an. He loved everything that was good. We have to learn his qualities of patience, gratitude and love for moderation in Islam.”


Moulana Ibrahim embodied all these virtuous qualities that were cloaked in a calm demeanor of gentleness, humility and compassion, attributes which everyone who came in contact with him would bear testimony to.


Shortly before his interment at West Park Cemetery, the janaza prayers for Moulana Ibrahim were attended by hundreds of mourners who included ulama, family, colleagues, many friends and associates. Leading the prayers was Sheikh-ul-Hadith Moulana Fazlur Rahman Azmi, one of Moulana’s asaatidha at Madrasah Arabia Islamia where he had graduated as an aalim, in 1992.


The Jamiatul Ulama South Africa extends condolences to the family of Moulana. We pray to Allah to forgive the soul of Moulana Ibrahim, illuminate his resting place and grant him Jannatul Firdaus. May He comfort his bereaving family and all those close to Moulana, so that they bear the sense of loss with patience. Aameen.


Jamiatul Ulama South Africa


11 Rabi al Thaani 1443 / 16 Nov 2021