JUSA Elections 2022 Nominee List

As per article 20.6 of the constitution of the Jamiatul Ulama South Africa, the following members have been nominated as candidates for the elections of 2022 to be held at the AGM on Sunday, 18 September 2022:


  • President – Maulana Abbas Aly Jeena
  • First Deputy President – Maulana Ayoob Mohamed
  • Second Deputy President – Maulana Ebrahim Pandor
  • Secretary General – Maulana Ebrahim Ismail Bham
  • First Assistant Secretary – Maulana Heider Ally Ebrahim Dhorat
  • Second Assistant Secretary – Mufti Mohamed Yoosuf Minty
  • Treasurer – Maulana Dawood Cassim
  • Assistant Treasurer – Maulana Ahmed Yousso Mia