Jumu’ah Salaah under Constraining Circumstances


  • Performance of Jumu‘ah is a salient feature of Islam and all efforts should be made to perform it.


  • Under our current circumstances, Jumu‘ah could be performed in smaller groups.


  • The Jumu‘ah Khutbah and Salaah should be as concise as possible.


  • If sufficient ‘Ulama/Imaams are not available to conduct multiple Jumu‘ah prayers, then the services of Huffaadh or other competently trained persons could be utilized.


  • A concise Khutbah can be sourced from any of the Jamiatul Ulama South Africa offices (or ), or ‘Ulama of the community may be consulted.


  • If the conditions for Jumu’ah Salaah are not met, Zuhr Salaah should be performed.


  • Remain cordial and avoid confrontation at all times.


Some Rules Pertaining to Jumuah

  • 4 Baaligh (mature) Males = Jumu‘ah Salaah can be performed


  • Less than 4 Baaligh (mature) Males = Jumu‘ah Salaah cannot be performed


Method of Jumu’ah Salaah

  • Call out the 1st Adhaan. Perform the Sunnah Salah.


  • Call out the 2nd Adhaan. Deliver the two Khutbahs.


  • Call out the Iqaamah. Perform the two Rak’aats of Jumu’ah Salaah. Perform Sunnah and Nafl Salaah


14 Jan 2021