International Literacy Day

The Modern World Demands Multiple Literacies


Today is the International Literacy Day. It is a day set aside internationally in order to raise awareness and remind the world of the importance of literacy as a matter of dignity and human rights. This therefore highlights the roles of states, non-state agencies and activist to foster the acquisition of the ability to read and write.


For Muslims, literacy is a Divine imperative which was exhorted by the very first revelation by Jibraeel AS to Nabi Muhammad SAW when he asked him: “Iqraa!” [Read!]


The expression of our faith through the various practices and observations is rooted in knowledge. Literacy is key and step towards the acquisition of such knowledge from the sacred fields based on the Qur’an and Sunnah.


The evolution of time has also made in necessary that we have other forms of literacy that the modern society requires. Digital literacy; financial literacy, civic literacy and health literacy are just four of many literacies, beyond basic literacy that put one in good stead, in order to understand aspects of various spheres of everyday life.


Seeking of knowledge and the sharing of it starts with literacy. It is a noble undertaking which we have to dedicate ourselves towards, in-sha-Allah.


Issued by:


Jamiatul Ulama South Africa on the International Literacy Day (8 Sep 2020)