Explainer | UUCSA Guidelines on Municipal Elections 2021

What are Municipal Elections?

The Municipal Elections allow you, the resident of your ward, to directly elect a councillor from your ward to represent and attend to matters affecting your ward.


What is the Role of a Councillor?

The Ward councillor represents the needs of the community at the Municipality. They ensure that services are delivered to their Ward, escalate issues that residents face and vote on policies that will affect the Ward. The councillor works with the various departments of the Municipality. The councillor also votes on Municipal Budget, Laws and policies and functioning of the Municipality.


What Happens if You Do not Vote?

Many of our citizens are upset with the corruption, wastage, petty politics and poor service delivery and are choosing not to Vote. However, not voting is giving up your voice. Elections are decided by the people who go out and vote. If you don’t vote, someone else will make the decision for you and you get stuck with other people’s choices. By participating in the electoral process as a voter, you get a say in how things are done in your Ward. Your power is in your vote.


Why is it Important to Vote in the Municipal Elections?

By electing the ward councillor, you have a direct channel in the Municipality on service delivery, environment, sanitation and other issues affecting your area. Your Vote is your chance to stand up for the issues you care about. It allows you to choose how your taxes are spent – such as funding for social services, healthcare and even schooling.


 Who Should You Vote For?

Because this is a municipal election, essentially two votes are granted— one for a political party AND a second for the ward councillor or constituency representative— on two separate ballot papers.  Thus, an opportunity exists to both exercise a choice that will reflect a political identity and choose a party that aligns closely with ethical, moral and political values on the proportional representation ballot, while also being able to vote at the ward or constituency level for the representative that is responsive to issues and concerns of the community and the neighbourhood. This person may be aligned to a political party or be an independent candidate.


A suitable candidate for councillor will need to be familiar with the issues affecting your area; have an understanding of the municipal functioning and operations, and most importantly, be able to rally relevant municipal departments to ensure service delivery.


How can I Check my Voter Status?

You can check your Registration Status, Ward and candidates for councillor on the official IEC Website: https://ww.elections.org.za/pw/Voter/Voter-Information


Alternatively, SMS your ID Number to any of the below numbers (R1.00 per SMS):


  • Check My Registration Status – 32810
  • My Ward Councillor – 32245
  • Special vote application status – 32711


This message has been issued by the United Ulama Council of South Africa and has also been endorsed by:
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