Call for Government to Review Restrictions on Religious Congregations: A JUSA PUBLIC APPEAL

In the wake of a highly contagious and deadly Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, the Jamiatul Ulama South Africa (JUSA) consulted with various stakeholders, including the Islamic Medical Association of South Africa (IMA).


Our understanding of the risks of the disease, informed JUSA’s call for the suspension of congregations in mosques across the region of our operations.


As disease experts’ understanding of the nature of the disease gets better over time, they are now articulating positions that show that the pandemic will be with us for a very long time.


In the light of these circumstances and as various sectors are seeking ways of adjusting to new norms, the Jamiatul Ulama South Africa has continued to consult relevant stakeholders, so that religious congregations can be accommodated, with measures that will mitigate the potential of spreading the coronavirus within our communities, without seriously reversing the positive gains that the lockdown restrictions have secured this far.


As this engagement continues, we would like to appeal to the Muslim community, especially during these last few days of this auspicious month of Ramadan, to engage in earnest supplications, seeking repentance and asking forgiveness from the Almighty.


We should all pray not only for a positive outcome of that can see us return to our beloved masaajid but also that the Almighty lifts away this pandemic from the midst of humanity, altogether.


JUSA reiterates the urge to the community to continue to abide by the various guidelines set out by the authorities in order to curtail the further spread of the pandemic.


Ebrahim I. Bham (Moulana)
Secretary General
25 Ramadan 1441 / 19 May 2020