A PRESS RELEASE | A Century of Service and Leadership: 1923-2023

(For Immediate Release)


This year marks the centenary of the Jamiatul Ulama South Africa (JUSA), the Council of Muslim Theologians founded in 1923 as Jamiatul Ulama Transvaal.


JUSA expresses gratitude to Allah, the Almighty, for making it possible for such an organization to exist and serve for so many years in South Africa, where it has strived to represent, lead and guide a significant proportion of the Muslim community in their socio-religious affairs.


As part of the commemorative events marking the 100 years of establishment, JUSA is launching a series of events that will among others, pay tribute to the founding Ulama, their pioneering work and all those who dedicated their lives, in serving the Ummah through the Ulama body. We ask Allah to accept their services and efforts.


While initial focus of the Ulama body was primarily Islamic education, the organisation has grown to serving Muslim needs and concerns in many other areas such as dawah and guidance; iftaa; matrimonials; international relief; mediation; socio-economic welfare, and advocacy in socio-political affairs.


The centenary events and programmes will include scheduled lectures, regional gatherings and media broadcasts culminating into this year’s Annual General Meeting of the Ulama body in September, in-sha-Allah. During these events, JUSA will among other issues, share its vision of the Muslim community in South Africa, in the light of contemporary challenges and future prospects.


As the Ulama body marks the centenary, JUSA’s leadership, membership and staff reaffirm and renew their dedication to continued service to Islam and the Muslim Ummah. We ask Allah, to bless the Ulama body by crowning its efforts with His Acceptance.


We thank all congregations, benefactors, volunteers, the Muslim public and all other stakeholders that have been supportive of JUSA’s initiatives over the years. By the Grace of  Allah, it is through their generosity that the Ulama body continues to implement the various projects and programmes.


Meanwhile, Radio Islam International (DStv Channel 826) will host a launch panel discussion of the JUSA Centenary, on Thursday 9 February 2023, starting from 21h00, in-sha-Allah. 


For more information on the JUSA Centenary events, please contact the Events Coordinator, Moulana Obeidullah Bhoja via cell: 071 878 9748 or email: [email protected]


Released by:

The Executive Committee
Jamiatul Ulama South Africa

17 Rajab 2033 / 08 February 2023